Thursday, April 8, 2010

Restarting my weight loss plan

When I got married, I weighed just over 180 pounds. By 2007, I’d gained around 45 pounds, and I decided it was time to correct things.

I called it the “Quit Eatin’ So Goddamn Much” diet. It wasn’t just smaller portions, though. I realized that I needed to eat much less of what wasn’t helping me at all, such as cheese. One book that helped me understand the importance of this was Eat To Live (Amazon Associates link), though I didn’t necessarily go as far as the book recommends.

Things were great. I got back down to the low 180’s and I stayed there. Over the next couple of years I gained a small amount back, but I felt is was acceptable.

About a year ago, I feel off the wagon. I’ve been eating too much too often, and I’ve known it. I’ve only gained around ten pounds or so, but those ten pounds appear to be quite important.

I’ve decided to start losing weight again. It hasn’t been easy getting started—I’ve been trying to get started for several months now. However, I’ve actually made it to Day 4, so I’m feeling pretty good about it so far.

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